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What is CSR?


CSR stands for ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’, that is, an organisation’s initiative to assess and take responsibility for its effects on environmental and social wellbeing. The term generally applies to efforts that go beyond what may be required by regulators or relevant lobby groups.

What is a CSR audit?


A CSR audit is a process through which an organization assesses its systems, policies, processes and decision-making behaviour in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses in relation to various spheres which fall under the ‘CSR’ bracket.

What can a CSR audit do for my company?


Following a CSR audit, your company can then develop a plan through which it sets its priorities for action on various themes which may emerge from the audit.  These actions can then be directed to address your business problems.

Why should I hire a consultant?


A consultant is a person who provides expert advice. Companies generally hire consultants either because they do not have the expertise to complete the task internally; or because they would like to do it faster ; or because they want to ‘buy into’ a system that has been proven and that has already been done by someone else before them.


Perhaps most importantly, hiring a consultant is the only way a company can get an objective view of itself – the external observer.

How much does a CSR audit cost?


The cost of a CSR audit depends on the size of your organization and the scope of the brief – it is advisable that you contact us directly in order to determine the requirements of your business and come up with a solution that is tailor made to your specific requirements.  It is safe to say however that the cost of the CSR audit is minimal compared to the cost of your current business problems which a CSR audit will be addressing.

Do we get certified after conducting a CSR audit?


Our processes have been formulated on the basis of ISO 26000, which does not lead to certification. However, following the completion of the CSR audit, the company can state that it ‘applies the ISO 26000 standard to integrate/implement social responsibility/socially responsible behaviour into the organization’.

Do you only serve clients in Malta?


Not at all – modern day technology allows us to help business leaders all over the globe.