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What is CSR and why is it important?


Businesses do not operate in a vacuum! The central characteristic of social responsibility is the willingness of an organisation to incorporate social and environmental considerations in its decision making and be accountable for their impacts. This implies both transparent and ethical behaviour that contributes to sustainable development while being in compliance with applicable law and consistent with reasonable international standards of operational behaviour. This aspect has become a critical factor in a company’s ability to operate effectively and successfully.


Through the introduction of effective CSR measures and initiatives, companies are becoming more in tune with modern demands while enjoying numerous benefits including cost reductions, increased productivity, improved brand visibility and ultimately making the organisation more sustainable.

ISO 26000


Our CSR Consultancy work is based on ISO 26000: 2010. ISO 26000:2010 is intended to assist organizations in contributing to sustainable development. It is intended to encourage them to go beyond legal compliance, recognizing that compliance with law is a fundamental duty of any organization and an essential part of their social responsibility. It is intended to promote common understanding in the field of social responsibility, and to complement other instruments and initiatives for social responsibility, not to replace them.

ISO 26000:2010 is based on 7 Core Subjects, namely:


  1. Organisational Governance
  2. Human Rights
  3. Labour Practices
  4. Environment
  5. Fair Operating Practices
  6. Consumer Issues
  7. Community Involvement and Development

ISO 26000 Social Responsibility
and its 7 Core Subjects

Some challenges faced by companies include:


  • Increased market choices and competition
  • Marketing and customer loyalty
  • Finding and retaining the right staff
  • Regulation and Legal Compliance
  • Problem solving and risk management

How can CSR benefit your company?


Corporate Social Responsibility can provide numerous benefits for your company, including:


  • Achieving savings associated with increased productivity and resource efficiency, lower energy and water consumption, decrease waste and recovery of valuable resources.
  • Enhancing the reputation and image of the organisation while generating greater public trust.
  • Improving the organisation’s ability to attract, recruit and retain its employees
  • Enhancing employee loyalty, participation and morale
  • Generating increased productivity and greater innovation
  • Improving the organisation’s risk management practices and updating legal requirements while improving safety and health aspects for both employees and clients and thus reducing the company’s liability
  • Increasing the competitiveness of the company, including access to finance and preferred partner status.
  • Preventing or reducing potential conflicts with consumers and other stakeholders